NVIDIA Inception program welcomes UncovAI


UncovAI partners with Nvidia Inception program. UncovAI An efficient and ecological method for detecting generative content 😎

UncovAI gets accepted to the NVIDIA Inception program 🚀

UncovAI is thrilled to be part of the prestigious Inception program, sponsored by NVIDIA. This virtual accelerator provides startups with valuable tools, resources, and expertise to develop cutting-edge AI and data science solutions. NVIDIA, a renowned provider of GPU technology, powers AI, machine learning, and data science applications. Through the Inception program, UncovAI gains access to NVIDIA’s deep learning expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and a supportive community of AI and data science professionals.

UncovAI introduces an innovative platform for detecting Generative AI Content, offering a blend of efficiency and sustainability. Instead of relying on resource-intensive Deep Learning models, we employ mathematical hypotheses that effectively distinguish between AI-generated and human-authored content.

Let’s build a better and safer world 🛡